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The Edgy Oobi Wiki is an online "encyclopedia" for anything related to the YouTube comedy series Edgy Oobi. Today is June 1, 2020, and there have been 738 edits to this wiki since it was founded. Edgy Oobi Wiki allows anyone to create an account and contribute so we can all work together to create a semi-unironic database for Edgy Oobi info.

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This wiki is designed to cover everything there is to know about Edgy Oobi. This is a fan created site, which means anyone is free to edit in order to improve the content.
  • Most pages can be edited and you are welcome to join us by making an account.
  • If you have any questions about helping out, you can ask one of the administrators.
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Featured Video: Oobi Tries Art
Oobi Episode 6 Oobi Tries Art

Oobi Episode 6 Oobi Tries Art


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