Grampu's lawyer is a minor character on Edgy Oobi.


He is a lawyer who looks, acts, and sounds exactly like Grampu but with a pair of glasses in front of his googly eyes. It's heavily implied that he is simply Grampu disguising himself as his own lawyer.

When the judge interrogates Grampu in the "Uma Gets a Job!" episode, Grampu's lawyer says that he pleads the Fifth Amendment. Grampu is then sentenced to "five years to life" in jail, but somehow gets bailed out by the end of the episode so that everything can return to the status quo.


He has red googly eyes and his fingers are curled in the same position as Grampu. He wears a pair of glasses that look to be almost falling off.



  • The Fifth Amendment, which Grampu's lawyer uses, is what protects people from being forced to act as witnesses against themselves in criminal cases.


  • "Grampu, what were you doing this Saturday at 2:30 PM?"
  • "Oh, my client pleads the Fifth. He didn't tell me that."
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