The Manager (full name: Channing Tatum) is a minor character on Edgy Oobi.


He is a job interviewer who met with Grampu and refused to hire him. Rather than give him the job, the manager tells Grampu never to come back and that the police will be at his house soon, since he failed the interview so badly that it was illegal. Grampu ends up having to testify in court against the manager.


It's unknown what the manager looks like, as his face is never seen. He is possibly a talking hand like most other characters.



  • It is unknown if his name is actually Channing Tatum, or if that is just his contact name on Grampu's phone.


  • "Uh... hi, is this Grampu?"
  • "Uhm... actually, no. You... you urinated on me and my staff during your job interview and told me, quote on quote, Be gone, fat! Um... we'll have to ask you to never come back, and uh... the police should be at your house pretty soon."
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