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Oobi is the main protagonist of Edgy Oobi.


Oobi has a crippling meme obsession that has torn him and his family apart. He has also gained an affinity for active communism.

He may be homosexual, as seen in episode 1, when his past web searches show he was looking for "men seeking men." He is also apparently interested in news about the moon.

The only things he has ever been seen eating or drinking are water and Jack Link's beef jerky.

Despite his occasional selfishness, Oobi truly means well and deeply loves his family and friends.


Like practically every other character, Oobi is a hand puppet with no clothes. He has red googly eyes. Most episodes have him wearing some kind of hat or costume.


Major = the episode's main focus
Supporting = appears but is not the focus

Oobi has appeared in every episode so far, usually as a major character.

Main series

Other videos


  • Oobi is the only character to appear in every episode.
  • He claims to be "ambiguously aged", but it can be assumed he is a teenager. Some evidence:
    • In the first episode, he is said to be coming home from school, so he cannot be an adult.
    • In the fifth episode, it is shown he is old enough to start his own business.
    • He has clearly gone through puberty since his voice is deep compared to the others.



  • "Spare memes? Spare memes?"
  • "Is it a horse? ...A horse?"
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