Oobi's house is the main setting of Edgy Oobi. It is where most episodes take place.



This is where Oobi and his family live. From a first glance, it looks like your average house, but it's more than meets the googly eye. (corny joke) All kinds of weird, ridiculous, and mesmerizing things happen at Oobi's house.


  • Oobi's room - Oobi's bedroom, where he keeps his bed and his beloved desktop computer. He can often be found watching meme compilations on his computer here.
  • Uma's room - Uma's bedroom. So far it is only seen in "Uma Sick" at the beginning.
  • Kitchen - This is where the family "eats." They actually just sit at a table and shove their faces in glasses of water.
  • Parlor - The main room, where Grampu usually holds family meetings to talk about his latest scheme or failure.
  • Doorway - The entrance to the house. This was the first area ever seen in the series.


  • It is the only building visited in every episode so far.
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