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For a real-world timeline relating to the series, see this page.

This is a fictional timeline of the events that happen on Edgy Oobi.

"Current" events

Edgy Oobi hand puppets - Memes - Oobi on the computer

Oobi's computer with the July 4th Google Doodle.

Episode 1

  • The entire first episode canonically takes place on July 4, 2016. This exact date is known since Oobi's computer shows the Google Doodle from that day.
  • Oobi and Uma go to school.
  • Oobi discovers memes for the first time.

Episode 2

  • Nothing of note happens that actually changes the continuity.

Episode 3

  • Grampu is kidnapped by ISIS.
  • Oobi and Uma decide to order a new Grampu in the mail.
  • A new Grampu is delivered to Oobi and Uma, and he speaks Persian.

Episode 4

  • The mail-order Grampu is revealed to be Desiigner in disguise.
  • Desiigner steals all of the candles from Oobi and Uma's house. He uses the candles' power to fight them.
  • Oobi and Uma defeat Desiigner after he uses up his supply of candles.

Episode 5

  • Grampu somehow returns home.
  • Grampu loses his job as a snake milker.
  • In court, Grampu is sentenced to at least five years in jail.
  • Oobi and Uma start a booty-selling business.
  • Grampu is released from jail and gets a new job that is, as of now, unspecified.

Episode 6

  • Oobi learns that he can't make art.

Episode 7

  • TBA.

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